Shiloh, Illinois

This week, the Single Tree Family would like to spotlight the city of Shiloh, Illinois.

First Settlers of Shiloh

The first settlers of Shiloh were in 1785. they would gather for their Methodist Church meetings in an area called Three Springs, which is the current location of Three Springs Park.

Shiloh boasts having built the first school building in St. Claire County. It was located directly behind the Methodist Church.

By 1905, the organized village of Shiloh had 51 residents!

In 1978, the well known Shiloh water tower was erected, and is one of the highest points in St. Claire County.

Shiloh’s first shopping development came in 2001 at the intersection of Frank Scott Parkway and Greenmont Roads.

Before long, Memorial Hospital, numerous restaurants, Shiloh Community Park, and many more amenities and necessities followed and more residents came to create the beautiful city of Shiloh, Illinois.

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