Investing in the St. Louis area short-term rental market?

Purchasing a Property as an Airbnb

Considering purchasing a property for use as an Airbnb, short term rental in the St. Louis, MO area?

Here are few things to consider

Here’s a few things to consider and this one is probably the most important on the list. 

Is the property you are interested in allowed to be used as a short-term style rental?

This is were working with a trusted real estate agent can come in handy, especially if you use the Single Tree Team. Recently the St. Louis Condo Association has passed an ordinance that doesn’t allow high-rise units to be used as short-term rentals in the downtown St. Louis area. Do not let this discourage you, there are still plenty of available properties just outside the downtown area perfect for use as a short-term rental. In fact, let us help by taking that guesswork off the table for you and pull a list of properties that match your criteria and can be used for rentals.

What kind of profit could you see from investing in a short-term rental property?

The Single Tree Team is more than happy to be an additional asset when it comes to your financial plans. We will work with your lender or money manager to find you the best possible purchase to yield you the greatest return in your future investment.

What local attractions will attract future renters to the area?

As a community driven team, we always love to help answer this question, especially since our agents live and work in the same areas. We are experts when it comes to the local scene and what venues/events can help draw in renters year-round.

Are you looking just outside the downtown area? Busch Stadium (GO CARDS!) and Ball Park Village draw in a lot of visitors to this area, not to mention we also have the Enterprise Center, and the Dome at America’s Center. There are countless bars, restaurants and shopping as well. The City Museum is a wonderful place for kids and adults to enjoy the day.

Interested in the Forest Park area? The St. Louis Zoo is one of the country’s top rated free zoos and is nestled in Forest Park, within walking distance of the St. Louis Art Museum. You will also find a golf course, The Muny, the Jewel Box and the Boathouse restaurant just to name a few of the other attractions right inside the park!

Let’s also not forget our health care workers! We have a housing need for travel nurses who come to the area to work at Barnes Jewish Hospital as well as Cardinal Glennon Children’s Hospital.

As agents who work in and around the St. Louis area, we are a great resource for knowing the perfect short-term rental location that will bring in year-round renters.

So, if you’re considering investing in a short-term rental property in or around the St. Louis area or even right across the river in IL, reach out to the Single Tree Team.

Let us show you how we “Work Together as One, To Stand Above the Rest.”


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