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We want to be a part of making new memories with people who are selling or buying their property. We are dedicated to our community, adore pets, and operate a family-owned business. Real Estate was an ideal match for us, since we like meeting and forming lasting relationships with other individuals.


With two offices to provide you support (Belleville, Illinois and Kirkwood, Missouri), you can count on us to assist you with either selling or locating your next property. We are licensed real estate brokers in St. Clair, Madison and Monroe, IL counties, as well as in St. Louis County, St. Louis City, Town and Country and Brentwood, MO.  That means more time focusing on what matters most for you and your family because we have a proven track record of success!


Single Tree Team Brokered by eXp Realty takes pleasure in developing connections based on the idea that each client and every property is distinct. Our main goal is to use innovative outside-of-the-box tactics to list homes and match our clients with appropriate houses.


To achieve this aim, we provide our clients with the greatest level of service and employ cutting-edge technology to give accurate, dependable, and real-time data. The Single Tree Team is a networking company that takes pride in offering its clients with outstanding customer service, market knowledge, honesty, originality and an in-depth grasp of local real estate knowledge.


Selling your home? Exciting! We know that moving is stressful enough without the extra work. Those details put it at the top of every Top 10 Stressful Life Events list. That’s where we come in- because those “tedious” steps are enjoyable for us. Yes, really! We do all of the work so that when you look back on selling your home, you say “That was easy!”


Our goal is for you to be happy, and the only way we know it’s working is when you are! Give us a call now and see why our customers rave about our support and services. The Single Tree Team, we are here for you!


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